About Us

Headquartered in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado.

Founding Partners of The Insurance Loft

Independent Insurance for Independent Minds

Founded in 2007, The Insurance Loft is an independent insurance brokerage that formed in what is widely recognized as one of the insurance capitals of the United States – Des Moines, IA. After lengthy and tedious research of the insurance industry, The Insurance Loft evolved from an idea, into a company. Marrying the ideals of a tech startup with the traditions of a neighborhood agency, the company was built from the ground up with the intent to rehabilitate a mistreated insurance market.

In 2011, The Insurance Loft re‐established home base to the Mile‐High City of Denver, CO. The rocky mountain location better supports the company’s 33‐state wingspan and more enthusiastically embraces the application of technology; which is the foundation of The Insurance Loft. By utilizing technology, The Insurance Loft can offer or improve many of the same convenient capabilities of leading insurance providers, while retaining the personal touch and expertise of a traditional agent. With an established digital presence and a robust client following, the company’s process and educational focus are continually refined to inspire a better insurance solution.

As insurance coverage is the only available line of defense for life’s worst possible moments, understanding the value of insurance is vital. Sadly, this is not a sentiment readily shared by today’s insurance providers. On a grand scale, the focus of the industry has transitioned to “people‐less” solutions. Interactions are often focused around online quotes or scripted call center representatives who push sales above education and price before protection. The ideals of insurance all but forgotten. Daily, The Insurance Loft is driven to reform these industry shortcomings and is inspired by one simple goal – help people.

The Insurance Loft team is a group of handpicked insurance professionals who are driven to make a difference. They are people. People who have dedicated their careers to becoming insurance experts and believe that the insurance industry can be reimagined for the better. By fusing technology, education, and a sincere concern for others, The Insurance Loft will continue to re‐introduce insurance and its value. Always the advocate for the client, The Insurance Loft offers an independent insurance partner who works for the client, not the insurance company.