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Hagerty Insurance

The Insurance Loft is dedicated to offering the perfect insurance solution for every client’s unique lifestyle. So, when the worst in life does occur, the right protection is in place. To accomplish this goal, The Insurance Loft has conducted strenuous independent research into the insurance market. Forming key partnerships with only the most reliable and trustworthy insurance companies. Companies like Hagerty.

Hagerty the Company

A great American success story! Started by Frank & Louise Hagerty in 1984, the company took form as a result of the couple’s love of vintage boats, and their frustration with insuring them. With no quality options available, the couple started their own insurance company and within a few years, they insured half of all vintage boat owners. Shortly after, they transition their success to also include a wide array of classic and antique cars and specialty vehicles.

A Closer Look

Today, Hagerty is all about passion. It’s that passion that has led them to cover more than $30 billion in classic, collector, and antique vehicles and boats. This is more than all the other specialty competitors, combined! But it’s Hagerty’s dedication to the craft of classic collecting and restoration that cements them at the top of their class. They attend more than 2,000 classic car events each year, their valuation experts attend every major auction in the world, and they donate 10% of all net revenues to programs and organizations that preserve the hobby. It is easy to see why Hagerty is the global leader in collector car and boat insurance.

The Partnership

Passion is the connection! Hagerty’s passion to protect collectors mirrors The Insurance Loft’s passion to better serve their clients. The fact that Hagerty is one of the best specialty companies in existence is merely icing on the cake. At The Insurance Loft, partnering with companies that take such care and pride in their