Charities & Partners

The Insurance Loft believes in community and giving back.

From the start, The Insurance Loft has committed a percentage of earnings and energy into local charitable organizations. We believe it’s a responsibility of every successful business to reinvest in the communities in which we do our business. In part, our dedication to our local and regional charities is an extension of our business model, proactive prevention against loss. Giving back to these charitable agencies allows The Insurance Loft to actively help the community at large to retain its value and human assets.

The Insurance Loft has recently partnered with B:Civic, which promotes and advances philanthropy and community for the betterment of communities across the State of Colorado. We are a founding member of this organization and have been apart of its wonderful growth and activism within the community in just a short time of its existence.





Another important charity that The Insurance Loft has partnered with off and on since 2007, is Big Brothers Big Sisters. This year we are taking part in their annual Volley For Kids Sakes Program. It is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to have a great time with colleagues and friends and supports a wonderful cause that makes a meaningful impact on the youths of our community. Feel free to click on the logo below to see how you can become more involved with this wonderful organization.

A charity that The Insurance Loft has partnered with is the Red Cross. Our founding partner Scott and his wife Ashly are seen here installing smoke alarms in senior citizen houses with the Denver fire department.




The Mission of Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado (PIIAC) is to advance, foster and protect Independent Insurance Agents throughout Colorado. Working with them to achieve their professional development goals, advocacy, and regulatory goals, and to provide their Independent Insurance Agency with a suite of products and services that will create a mutually beneficial environment for members while maintaining the highest ethical business standards.

PIIAC affiliates with the National Big I, Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA/Big “I”).




The Insurance Loft is now proud to be a member of Combined Agents of America, who was recently rated in the Top 20 Agents in America according to Insurance Journal. Based in Austin, TX; CAA is a privately held aggregator group committed to strengthening the role of independent agencies by combining our expertise and relationships to better serve our clients and business partners.

The group is comprised of 72 independent insurance agencies located throughout 8 states, TX, OK, KS, NE, CO, MO, IA, & SD. We believe: business as usual is not business in the future.


No Kill is a movement that has been gaining momentum over the past few decades. They know that shelters can save every healthy or treatable homeless pet, and they have seen a small but rapidly growing number of shelters that now save more than 90% of all pets. Some are even saving over 95% and some save over 98% consistently. At No Kill, they believe that euthanasia should only be used for animals that are untreatable and irremediably suffering. The Insurance Loft has partnered with No Kill Colorado.