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Evil Knievel, Pete Mitchell aka Maverick, The Terminator! There is no denying that riding motorcycles is awesome! Whether you have a need for speed, or simply like the wind in your face, motorcycles are cemented in American culture. But as any seasoned rider will tell you, the thrill of the ride, comes with great responsibility. You must be sharp, prepared, cautious, and protected at all times. That is your responsibility to other drivers, passengers, and to yourself.

It is no secret that part of the appeal of a motorcycle is the danger that accompanies the ride. So, it is even less surprising how many motorcycle incidents occur each year. It happens in the blink of an eye to even the most experienced rider. One second you are upright enjoying the ride, the next, sliding across the pavement. That is the risk all riders take. But it should never occur without the proper safeguards in place. As a motorcycle owner, insurance is paramount and should be baked into the cost of ownership.


Think with your Helmet


When someone makes the decision to purchase a motorcycle, it can be exhilarating. They imagine driving it off the lot, hitting the throttle, and enjoying the roar. Often, insurance couldn’t be further from their mind. Unfortunately, it can be a sobering reality. Not just the cost, because often motorcycle insurance can be quite affordable. But more so the application of coverage. It’s difficult for most to think of themselves in a scenario where this coverage would be needed. But that is exactly what needs to happen. It’s part of the experience. With motorcycle insurance, getting the correct coverage, from a quality insurer, must be the primary factor when selecting a policy. Yes, even before cost.

It is always best practice to consult a professional to look at your insurance options before buying a motorcycle. As mentioned, this needs to be considered part of the ownership costs. Too often, people will purchase the bike first, and then have to scale down coverage to afford the insurance. Often leaving them without valuable coverage, simply because they did not plan appropriately. This is a dangerous practice. It is also best to revisit your motorcycle coverage regularly. For those who have owned a bike for a long period of time, the coverage needs often change. So, it is important to know your coverage, before you need it.

Also, nothing to do with insurance, but wear your helmet! It saves lives, and we are fans of that.

Does it Really Matter?


We think you probably know what we are going to say but, YES! Motorcycle insurance coverage matters a great deal. So often we hear people say things like, “I don’t ride that often, so I just need the lowest coverage.” Or, our personal favorite, “I’m not going to get in an accident, so I just need the cheapest policy.” The reality is, motorcycle insurance covers more than your bike, and accidents are always unexpected. When you purchase motorcycle insurance, you are buying a policy that is protecting your, and your livelihood. If you are in an accident and the cost of the damages exceeds the coverage in place, you are personally responsible for paying the difference. If that money is not available in cash, they can seize property, put liens on future earnings, or sue for additional damages. Essentially putting your financial health on the line, just to save a few bucks on your insurance. We promise you, it is not worth it!

Requesting the “cheapest” or “most basic” motorcycle insurance policy is the equivalent of giving your permission to have a horrible claims experience. Leaving your coverage to the interpretation of the agent, often a stranger is an unnecessary risk. If that agent does not ask the right questions, does not provide a comprehensive review, or simply isn’t in the mood to care, it’s you that will pay the price.

Motorcycle insurance is protection for you, your passengers, and your bike. Take the time to learn about the coverage before you need it. We promise, taking a few minutes now, will be well worth it when the coverage is needed.  

Remember What You Are Getting

More often than we care to admit, we see people purchase auto insurance on a “penny smart, dollar foolish” basis. Meaning, the primary objective when obtaining motorcycle insurance is low cost. Like any other product, the lowest cost is often the lowest for a reason. In the case of motorcycle insurance, it can mean there is a lack of coverage, less favorable policy language, or even incorrect rating information. As riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous activities performed, shopping solely on price is unnecessarily reckless. Think safety before you are riding, and while you are riding.

You must understand that each insurance company is different. Some can offer very favorable claims settlements, others cannot. That’s why it is so important to understand what type of policy you have, and the same reason why we only work with highly reputable companies. There is a difference, but quality coverage does not have to be expensive. In many cases, you can obtain a more quality motorcycle insurance policy for only a small pricing difference.

Ultimately, we encourage everyone to remember what you are getting when looking for insurance. You are not simply buying a policy. It is not a line item on the monthly budget. You are buying an experience. When you are putting your auto insurance policy together, you are putting together the type of experience you want to have when the worst things in life occur. It can be a positive experience or poo experience. But either way, it is up to you. Luckily, we are experts at constructing a positive experience!