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The Greater Good

On average, there are over 30 million active businesses in the United States, with more than 600,000 new businesses starting each year. Many of which are small or locally owned businesses. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the backbone of our society.

But owning a business comes with great responsibility. There are often several moving parts that require significant investments of time, effort, and money to find success. But the greatest responsibility for any is business, is the responsibility it has to those it affects.

The minute a business is started; there is an obligation to do the right thing for the people they serve. Whether your business is high risk, low risk, big, or small, every business has to take steps to ensure their clients, employees, and community are protected should the worst occur. This is a difficult task as a good portion of work-related incidents are random and unpredictable. 

That is where we step in. The Insurance Loft advisors are experts at understanding businesses and finding the coverage that works the best. We have access to more than 100 insurance carriers, so we can make sure you find a policy that will work when you need it. Just as you are committed to your business, we are committed to protecting it!

Getting it Right, Not Just Getting it Done

Having an insurance policy means you have coverage, right? Actually, no. This is a common misconception amongst business owners. Too often, it is assumed that insurance companies must cover any loss as long as there is an active insurance policy. That’s simply not true.

There are thousands of different industries that all come with their own unique needs. What’s more, business insurance is riddled with stipulations, underwriting requirements, and for a lack of a better word, “outs” for insurance companies. Which means having a policy is only half the battle. If you don’t have the right policy, you don’t have coverage.

On average, about half of all the policies our advisor's review are constructed incorrectly. Exposing businesses to a host of potentially devastating risks. Getting the right policy takes knowledge, experience, and expertise. Which is what you can expect from an advisor at The Insurance Loft.  

Built for Better

From the ground up, The Insurance Loft was built with our clients in mind.

Independent – We are 100% independent. Meaning we are not controlled by a corporation, board of directors, or investors. We work for our clients, no one else!

Carriers & Products – We have earned access to more than 100 insurance companies across more than 50 products. No matter what you are looking for, we can help.

State Reach – We are licensed in nearly all U.S. states. This means you can continue to work with your advisor, even when a business moves on to new states.

Advisor Advantage – All of our advisors are salaried based, W2 employees, who have chosen insurance as their career. They are your one point of contact, and they work for you!

Technology – We invest in the tools and tech to make your life easier. Making it effortless to manage your insurance and engage with your advisor.

Good Reviews – Look us up! Our online reviews tell a better story than we ever could. See why our clients consistently recommend us to the people they care about the most.