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Nationwide Insurance

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The Insurance Loft is dedicated to offering the perfect insurance solution for every client’s unique lifestyle. So, when the worst in life does occur, the right protection is in place. To accomplish this goal, The Insurance Loft has conducted strenuous independent research into the insurance market. Forming key partnerships with only the most reliable and trustworthy insurance companies. Companies like Nationwide.


Nationwide Insurance is a widely-recognized brand and a leading company in the insurance world. With a 90+ year track record, Nationwide is a fortune 100 company that offers a robust range of products, manages over $155 billion in assets, has a host of celebrity supporters, and of course, the Nationwide jingle. Please take a moment to sing it to yourself…we’ll wait!

A Closer Look

It is no secret that Nationwide is a powerhouse insurance company. However, what is lesser known is that Nationwide was started, and remains today, a mutual company. This means that Nationwide is not a publicly traded company, and is owned by its policyholders. This allows the company to focus on the long-term benefits of their members, not short-term profit goals set by board members. To put it plainly, Nationwide is an insurance company designed to put its members first. This is clearly evident by their industry leading claims handling and service.

The Partnership

For The Insurance Loft, it is the client focus that makes Nationwide such an incredible partner. It is rare for a well-established company to remain completely dedicated to client service and still constantly strive to improve. As far as The Insurance Loft is concerned, Nationwide is one of the best insurance companies in America. This is particularly true due to Nationwide’s impeccable claims service. In fact, Nationwide is the first choice for many of The Insurance Loft employees when insuring themselves and their families!

Between The Insurance Loft’s expert product knowledge and Nationwide’s industry-leading claims handling, customers have the ability to build some of the most quality insurance packages available today.