Commercial Auto Insurance Downtime Doesn’t need to Equate to Loss of Earnings

Our Downtime Loss and Rental Reimbursement & Towing Coverage endorsement offers unique features that best meet the needs of customers who rely on their trucks to generate an income. It provides up to $100 per day, subject to a 7-day waiting period and a maximum of $3,000 per loss, for either:


  • Downtime Loss, which indemnifies for a portion of the loss of earnings resulting from a customer's inability to operate due to a covered loss to a covered vehicle. For example, if a customer's truck is involved in an accident, Downtime Loss will pay for a portion of lost income that would have been generated by that truck if it was in service.
  • Rental Reimbursement, which pays for a portion of the rental costs while customer's truck is being repaired if damaged by a covered cause of loss.

Competitive Advantages: Choice & Flexibility

• At the time of claim, a customer can decide which approach is best for them. If they feel they can earn more with a rental, we'll cover $100 per day toward a suitable rental.
• If equipment is so specialized that renting an equivalent truck is not an option, Downtime Loss is the ideal solution, helping to replace a portion of their lost income.

This endorsement also provides Towing Coverage for towing expenses resulting from covered accidents and disablements, subject to $500 per disablement and a policy maximum of $2,500.

Competitive Advantage: Coverage for Disablements

Unlike carriers that only provide coverage for towing resulting from a covered accident, we also cover towing due to disablement which includes:


  • mechanical, electrical or engine failure, or 
  • tire blow-out where repairs cannot be made roadside and a tow is required to remove the truck from the roadway to service it or make repairs

Affordable Coverage Driven to Help Protect

At a cost of only $180 per vehicle, this endorsement is ideal for:

  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers; and
  • Service companies

June 27, 2017
by Robert Weberg
Insurance Producer