Question: What is “completed operations” coverage?


For the purposes of an ongoing claim, “Completed” and “Ongoing” operations are special terms in commercial general liability policies that break up the actions of a business into two categories. An accident that happens while a business is still working on a project would be a claim under the category of "ongoing operations," and an accident that happens after a project or product is completed would be a claim under the category of "completed operations." 

Every business is unique, so they are going to have different types of "completed" and "ongoing" operations. Depending on how a policy is written, they may not have coverage for all potential claims they are at risk for.

Because the coverages are separate, it’s possible to (1) have different limits of coverage for “ongoing” and “completed” operations or (2) exclude claims for "completed operations" to provide low-cost liability policies in higher-risk industries, like construction. Most businesses do things that are considered "ongoing" and "completed" operations, so it’s an issue if their policy language doesn’t adequately cover both types.

To learn more about completed operations coverage talk to John C., our business advisor about your options. 

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March 27, 2018
by John Connor
Business Advisor