Summer Weather & Storms

Summer, arguably, is one of the most enjoyable seasons. Its warm weather and sunny days provide the perfect opportunity to play outside, take a swim, and fire up that backyard bar-be-que. Most of us are out enjoying those slow lazy days and don’t even take into consideration the risk of severe weather during these months, especially in July. 

Weather trends are predicting this summer to be the hottest and most humid summer that the United States has seen in several years. Aside from staying hydrated and keeping your family cool, what does this mean for you and your insurance?

When there are high levels of humidity in the atmosphere, catastrophic wind, thunder, and lightning storms occur. We have seen at least eight catastrophic storms since July 2016 that have totaled over $2 billions dollars’ worth of property damage for our insureds. July 2017 saw over 60,000 claims from just two lightning and wind storms. 

As our risk for severe weather increases, what steps should you take to help lessen your risk of damage to your property?

•    During thunderstorms, avoid using landline telephones.
•    Try not to shower, wash your hands or your dishes, or water your lawn during heavy storms. 
•    Running electronics during lightning storms increases the potential for a nearby strike. 
•    Remove loose items around your home or yard and tie down lawn furniture before a wind storm. 
•    Never drive into rising water.

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July 20, 2018
by Melanie Stout
Client Support