Jeff Neuhalfen Insight

Jeff’s father raised him with the attitude that hard work is the most crucial key to success, and that you should always give your all at your job. That’s why he’s been working consistently since he was six years old. He had a paper route. Then his family opened a hot dog stand, which leads to a restaurant. From there, he’s raised rabbits to sell, disk-jockeyed at a roller rink, driven a city bus, and finally helming the team here at The Insurance Loft.

An admitted workaholic, Jeff rarely takes time off. But when he does, it’s for his family’s annual camping trip. This year will be the 26th anniversary of the Neuhalfen family reunion. Everyone from his extensive family goes up to the mountains. They hike, fish, swim in the lakes, and even take turns cooking for the entire clan. But, the highlights of this trip are the nightly campfires. Everyone has a drink and reconnects, laughing over funny family stories.

Out of all the family stories, Jeff’s favorite memory of his childhood was when his dad would find an old beat-up RV. They would then spend a month of so rebuilding and customizing the RV and getting it ready for their July 4th trip. The whole family would then pile in the RV and road trip from Colorado to the Midwest Smash-up Derby. They would all go to the Derby, watch mud runs, and celebrate the July 4th holiday with a cookout and firework show.

It was during the rebuilds of these road trip RV’s that Jeff discovered his love for a unique style of music. While updating the vehicles, he would frequently visit flea markets with his father in search of a good deal. It was at these flea markets that he first heard Tejano music. While as a child, this music symbolized a day spent with his role model, it has grown to be something he listens to while working.

He attributes this music, with its high energy, to his ability to focus and provide fantastic customer service. And the commitment to customer service is why he has made his career with The Insurance Loft. Jeff’s passion lies within his ability to connect and serve his clients. His career plan illustrates a commitment to clients over his dedication to his paycheck. He strives to keep his business centered around providing insurance in a high tech way, all while maintaining the concept of old fashioned service.

by Melanie Stout
Client Support