Todd Riley Insight

Todd views his life as an adventure. Every new thing that comes his way is just an opportunity to grow and explore life around him a little more. From a young age, his grandfather helped him realize that he loves learning new things, and experiencing new places.

Starting at about six years old, Todd and his grandfather would go from yard sale to yard sale looking for interesting things and picking up new curiosities. His grandfather taught him how to spot genuine items, how to check for gold, and how to look for the best deal.

It was during one of these garage sales, that Todd stumbled upon a set of board games. These games became a staple in the Riley family tradition. After every holiday gathering, the family gathers around to play either a board game or recent favorite, euchre.

Euchre has become a staple on his recent travels as well. Todd loves vacations, specifically if those vacations occur somewhere near an ocean. Recently he’s gone to Mexico, Hawaii, and on a Cruise to Puerto Rico. Each of these locations has offered him an opportunity to do one of his favorite activities, snorkeling. The ocean is his peaceful place, but offers a window into a whole near world for him to learn about and explore.

Todd’s most drastic exploration happened nearly two years ago when he made a career change. From middle school principle, to commercial lines advisor here at The Insurance Loft. This adventure has taught him a new hands on approach and client experience when helping a business find their best insurance policy. He enjoys learning about various businesses, and then finding the most comprehensive policy for that business. He really wants his clients to grow and succeed.

by Melanie Stout
Client Support