Prepare for a Possible Hurricane: It’s the Wise Thing to Do

Hurricane season in the U.S. starts in June and lasts until the end of November. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need to have an emergency plan that has been thought out carefully. Know the evacuation routes available to you before there is an official 'Hurricane Watch' or 'Hurricane Warning' broadcast over the radio or television, and keep alert to the updates for your region.


What is an Umbrella Insurance policy?

Umbrella policies provide extra protection beyond standard coverage, and they are available in increments of millions. Most insurance companies offer these policies starting at $1 million and going up as high as $10 million.

Most people who buy umbrella policies pick a standard $1 million policy, but there are quite a few who choose policies totaling $2 million. For the first $1 million, the premium can be as high as $250 per year.

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