Car Accidents

A car accident is always traumatic for any driver. Even if the damages are relatively minor, and both parties are uninjured, you may find yourself panicking over what to do next. There are important steps to take following any crash, no matter how severe.

Since car accidents involve insurance companies, both drivers need to collect the necessary information. 


Homeowners: Take Action and Prevent Burglaries

Home burglaries can happen to anyone at any time regardless of low crime rates in a neighborhood. It is important for homeowners everywhere to be prepared and to take steps to prevent burglaries. Below are some of the most helpful tips for preventing home burglaries.


Get a Business Insurance Review

It’s an unfortunate truth, but we live in a sue happy society and business owners often have to bear the burden of legal attacks. Whether these suits are valid or frivolous, business owners need to protect themselves and their business from financial ruin with well-constructed commercial insurance products. 


10 Steps To Build A Solid Estate Plan

Every adult should have an estate plan. Although the process may sound daunting, it is easier to approach it as several small tasks. The solution is to use a step-by-step method, and these ten steps are essential for a solid plan.


Top Water Loss Claims and Damages for Homeowners

The two main types of plumbing system failures involve frozen pipes and supply system material failures. In a study, frozen pipes that eventually broke made up nearly 20 percent of plumbing system insurance claims. The study also showed that failure of the pipe system materials was a factor in two out of every three plumbing system claims.


Three Cases Demonstrate Why Your Business Needs to Protect Against Employee Lawsuits

Many business owners sincerely try to treat their employees with respect and dignity. They expect employee lawsuits for poor treatment to happen to other businesses, not to them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Any business can find itself on the receiving end of an employment practices lawsuit.


Controlling the Risks of Business Vehicles

Many small businesses use cars and trucks to get the job done.

These can be sedans driven by insurance agents drive to meet clients, delivery vans used by distributors, contractors' dump trucks, tractor-trailers hauling goods across the country, or uber drivers taking passengers across the city.


Understanding What Insurance Protection You Need

Seeing your business swept away by floodwaters or burned to the ground by a wildfire would be devastating. Having the right insurance coverage based on your specific risks and business needs can make the difference between getting back in business in a few days, versus weeks, months, or possibly never. But many small businesses discover they aren’t adequately insured only after they’ve suffered a loss.


Why Business Owners Need Terrorism Insurance

Terrorists attack a power plant that supplies electricity to a data center. The center houses numerous servers hosting hundreds of Web sites. A small business's site goes down, shutting off 80 percent of its revenue flow.


Act Quickly to Minimize Damage from Identity Theft

Identity thieves steal in countless ways from their victims. Victims may discover that identity thieves have made charges on or withdrawals from their accounts, opened new credit cards or taken out loans in their names, or even filed for bankruptcy using the stolen identity. Victims may find that their social security number has been used on a thief's job application, or that their name was given to police during an arrest. Identity theft victims will spend money and time-probably large amounts of each-in uncovering the extent of the damage and in repairing it, in order to restore their good name.

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